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Entry  Mon Mar 2 16:29:40 2020, gautam, Update, Electronics, c1psl VME crate removed, Acro-crate installed c1psl.pdf
    Reply  Tue Mar 3 17:20:14 2020, gautam, Update, Electronics, More cabling removed 
       Reply  Wed Mar 4 16:18:31 2020, gautam, Update, Electronics, More cabling removed 1X2EuroBefore.JPGIOO.png
          Reply  Wed Mar 4 21:02:49 2020, Koji, Update, Electronics, More cabling removed 
    Reply  Tue Mar 3 17:59:33 2020, Yehonathan, Update, Electronics, PSL Shutter and PMC TRANSPD working 
       Reply  Thu Mar 5 15:03:48 2020, Yehonathan, Update, Electronics, PSL Shutter and PMC TRANSPD working 
          Reply  Thu Mar 5 19:45:23 2020, Jon, Summary, PSL, C1PSL in-situ test results c1psl_feedthrough_wiring_-_By_Connector_(3).pdf
             Reply  Wed Mar 11 18:12:53 2020, gautam, Summary, PSL, WFS Demod board modifications D980233-B_Mar2020Mods.pdf
Message ID: 15249     Entry time: Wed Mar 4 16:18:31 2020     In reply to: 15242     Reply to this: 15252
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: More cabling removed 

After discussing with Koji, I removed the PZT driver and associated AI card from the Eurocrate at 1X2. The corresponding backplane connectors were also removed from the cross connects. An additional cable going from the DAC to IDC adaptor on 1X2 was removed. Finally, some cables going to the backplane P1 and P2 connectors for slots in which there were no cards were removed. 

Finally, there is the IMC WFS whitening boards. These were reconfigured in ~2016  by Koji to have (i) forever whitening, and (ii) fixed gain. So the signals from the P1 connector no longer have any influence on the operation of this board. So I removed these backplane cables as well.

Some pics attached. The only cross connect cabling remaining on the south side of 1X2 is going to the fast BIO adaptor box - I suspect these are the triggered fast whitening switching for the aforementioned WFS whitening board. If so, we could potentially remove those as well, and remove all the cross connects from 1X1 and 1X2.

Update 1720: indeed, as Attachment #2 shows, the RTCDS BIO channels were for the WFS whitening switching so I removed those cables as well. This means all the xconnects can be removed. Also, the DAC and BIO cards in c1ioo are unused.


Do we want to preserve the ability to use the PZT driver in 1X2?

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Attachment 2: IOO.png  54 kB  Uploaded Wed Mar 4 17:21:04 2020  | Show | Hide all | Show all
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