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Entry  Thu Jan 30 17:31:28 2020, Jon, Update, PSL, Errant FSS_INOFFSET change 
    Reply  Thu Jan 30 17:41:10 2020, gautam, Update, PSL, Errant FSS_INOFFSET change 
Message ID: 15178     Entry time: Thu Jan 30 17:31:28 2020     Reply to this: 15179
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Errant FSS_INOFFSET change 

A script I was testing errantly set C1:PSL-FSS_INOFFSET => 10 V at about 5:30 pm. I manually reverted the channel value to 0, but I don't know what the value was initially. Someone please check this value if there are problems locking the FSS.

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