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Entry  Fri Jan 17 18:02:21 2020, gautam, Update, ALS, Gain blocks packaged and characterized photos.pdfgain.pdfnoise.pdfmeasSchem.pdfzhl1010Data.zip
    Reply  Fri Jan 24 17:14:01 2020, gautam, Update, ALS, Gain blocks installed 
Message ID: 15153     Entry time: Fri Jan 24 17:14:01 2020     In reply to: 15130
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: ALS 
Subject: Gain blocks installed 

Jordan will write up the detailed elog but in summary,

  1. Former +24V Sorensen in the AUX OMC power rack (south of 1X2) has been reconfigured to +12V DC.
  2. The voltage was routed to a bank of fusable terminal blocks on the NW corner of 1X1.
  3. An unused cable running to the PSL table was hijacked for this purpose.
  4. The ZHL-1010+ were installed on the upper shelf of the PSL table, the two gain blocks draw a total of ~600mA of current when powered.

I will install these at the next opportunity, so that we can get rid of the many attenuators in this path (the main difficulty will be sourcing the required +12V DC for operation, we only have +15V available near the PSL table).

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