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Entry  Fri Jun 8 14:40:55 2018, c1lsc, Update, CDS, i am dead 31.png
    Reply  Fri Jun 8 20:15:08 2018, gautam, Update, CDS, Reboot script 31.png
       Reply  Mon Jun 11 18:49:06 2018, gautam, Update, CDS, c1lsc dead again 36.png
       Reply  Wed Dec 4 09:11:42 2019, Yehonathan, Update, CDS, Reboot script medmScreen11.ps
          Reply  Wed Dec 4 12:13:10 2019, gautam, Update, CDS, Reboot script 
Message ID: 15071     Entry time: Wed Dec 4 09:11:42 2019     In reply to: 13935     Reply to this: 15072
Author: Yehonathan 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Reboot script 

After the CDSs crashed we run the rebootC1LSC.sh script.

The script is a bit annoying in that it requires entering the CDSs' passwords multiple times over the time it runs which is long.

The resulting CDS screen is a bit different than what was reported before (attached). Also, not all watchdogs were restored.

We restore the remaining watchdogs and do XARM locking. Everything seems to be fine.

Attachment 1: medmScreen11.ps  467 kB  Uploaded Wed Dec 4 12:33:28 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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