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Entry  Wed Nov 27 18:51:22 2019, Gavin Wallace, Update, IMC, Q Measurement of Test Masses 
    Reply  Tue Dec 3 14:52:13 2019, rana, Update, IMC, Q Measurement of Test Masses 
Message ID: 15055     Entry time: Wed Nov 27 18:51:22 2019     Reply to this: 15065
Author: Gavin Wallace 
Type: Update 
Category: IMC 
Subject: Q Measurement of Test Masses 

[Yehonathan, Gavin]

As the resonant modes of the 40m TMs are at high frequencies (starting at 28.8 kHz) we started background checks to understand if we would be able to see resonant frequency excitations in the DCPD output. We used the SR785 in the Q_OUT_DEMODULATOR port of the INPUT_MODE_CLEANER to measure around this frequency. Currently we could not see any natural excitation about the noise floor indicating it may not be possible to see such a small excitation. In any case we are conducting additional measurements in the I_MON port of 1Y2_POY11 to understand if this is a certainty.

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