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Entry  Mon Apr 20 23:27:59 2009, rana, Summary, VAC, c1vac2 rebooted: non-functional for several months 
    Reply  Wed May 6 19:04:11 2009, rana, Summary, VAC, vac images vacrack.pdf
Message ID: 1505     Entry time: Mon Apr 20 23:27:59 2009     Reply to this: 1552
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: VAC 
Subject: c1vac2 rebooted: non-functional for several months 
We found several problems with the framebuilder tonight. The first symptom was that it was totally out of
disk space. The latest daqd log file had gone up to 500 MB and filled the space. The log file was full of
a lot of requests from my seisBLRMS.m code, but what was really making it so big was that it couldn't
connect to c1vac2 (aka scipe4) to make connections for some channels.

We looked into the daqd log files and this has been going on since at least December. There were several
'whited out' records for TP2 and TP3 in the Vacuum overview as well as the Checklist screen! Why did no
one notice this and fix it??
WE cannot function if we just ignore any non-functioning displays and say
"Oh, that never worked."

For sure, we know that it was working in 2005. Jay and Steve and Alan looked at it.

Today it was responding to ping and telnet, but not allowing any new connections. I hit the RESET button
on it. Several lights went RED and then it came back up. The readbacks on the EPICS screens are OK too.

I went into fb0 and deleted many of the GB size log files from the past several months. There is now
19GB free out of its local 33GB disk.
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