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Entry  Thu Nov 21 12:46:22 2019, gautam, Update, LSC, CM board study YARM_CMslow.pdf
    Reply  Thu Nov 21 13:14:33 2019, Koji, Update, LSC, CM board study 
       Reply  Thu Nov 21 19:08:58 2019, gautam, Update, LSC, High BW lock of Y arm length to PSL frequency highBW_POY.pdfCM_UGF.pdfIN2_ACcoupling.pdf
Message ID: 15043     Entry time: Thu Nov 21 13:14:33 2019     In reply to: 15042     Reply to this: 15044
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: CM board study 

One of the differences between the direct POY and the CM_SLOW POY is the presence of the CM Servo gain stages. So this might mean that you need to move some of the whitening gain to the CM IN1 gain.

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