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Entry  Mon Nov 4 11:41:28 2019, shruti, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Epics installed on donatella 
    Reply  Thu Nov 7 17:55:37 2019, shruti, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, Python packages on donatella 
Message ID: 15021     Entry time: Thu Nov 7 17:55:37 2019     In reply to: 15007
Author: shruti 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: Python packages on donatella 

Today I realized that pip and other python2,3 packages were installed in the conda base environment, so after running

conda activate

I could run the python-GPIB scripts to interface with the Agilent.

Although, I did have to add a python2 kernel to jupyter/ipython, which I did in a separate conda environment:

conda create -n ipykernel_py2 python=2 ipykernel
source activate ipykernel_py2
python -m ipykernel install --user

I've installed pyepics on Donatella running

sudo yum install pyepics

Pip and ipython did not seem to be installed yet.


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