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Entry  Mon Apr 20 19:51:51 2009, Jenne, Configuration, PSL, PMC has new Level 13 Mixer installed PMColg20Apr2009.png
    Reply  Thu Nov 14 00:33:37 2013, rana, Configuration, PSL, PMC LO is dying... Untitled.png
Message ID: 1502     Entry time: Mon Apr 20 19:51:51 2009     Reply to this: 9381
Author: Jenne 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PMC has new Level 13 Mixer installed 

The new Level 13 mixer on the PMC servo board is installed (minicircuits SRA-3MH).   Since the RF output of the LO board was ~16dBm, I put a 3dB attenuator between the LO board and the LO input on the servo board.  Since the previous cable was *just* the right length, this required adding a tiny bit of cable.  I found a very short cable, which worked out nicely, and didin't leave bunches of extra cable between the two boards.  One of these days if I have time (i.e. if it is necessary), I'll make a new cable for this purpose, so that we don't have 2 cables daisy-chained. 

A note on the Mixer-replacement:  The mixer on the PMC servo board is soldered in a set of 8 through-holes, not stuck in a socket.  So I had to desolder the old Level 23 Mixer (minicircuits RAY-3) which was a total pain.  Unfortunately, in this process, I lifted one of the pads off the back side of the board.  Once the old mixer was removed, it became clear that the pin for the pad I had lifted was shorted via a trace on the front side of the board to the pin directly across from it.  So when installing the new mixer, I did my best to get some solder into the through-hole for the lifted-pad-pin, and then tied it using a jumper wire to the pin that it's shorted to on the front of the board.  You can't see the trace that shorts the two pins because it's underneath the mixer, when the mixer is installed.  (Sidenote: after talking with Rana, this should be okie-dokie, especially if these are ground pins).

The PMC and MC locked nice and happily after I replaced the board and turned all the HV supplies back on, so I call this a success!

I also measured the OLG of the PMC servo after today's adventures in mixer-land.  I get a UGF of 1.4kHz, with 66 degrees of phase margin.  The method for this is in elog 924.

I checked the phase slider setting of the PMC phase screen by putting 30kHz at 100mV into the Ext DC input of the servo board, and looking at the 30kHz peak output of the Mixer Out.  I fiddled with the phase slider, and chose the value for which the 30kHz peak was maximized.  The phase slider is now set to 5.0V. 

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