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Entry  Thu Apr 16 17:48:00 2009, Yoichi, Configuration, Computer Scripts / Programs, AutoDTT 
    Reply  Fri Apr 17 11:37:32 2009, Yoichi, Configuration, Computer Scripts / Programs, AutoDTT 
Message ID: 1494     Entry time: Fri Apr 17 11:37:32 2009     In reply to: 1492
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: AutoDTT 
In order to get test point data with AutoDTT, you have to pre-trigger test points you want to use.
This is done by starting a DTT measurement with necessary test points for a few second, then stop it but keep the DTT opened.
I made prepTP script which does this job.
It takes a file name of an XML file, which should include a DTT measurement setup with test point channels you want to open and the trigger time set to "now".
The script will open an xterm and run diag with the XML file. Unlike restoreRunSave script, it does not save the result nor quit diag. Therefore, you can keep the test points as long as you keep the xterm opened. You can manually exit the diag (Ctrl-D) when you no longer need the test points.
watchLockLoss script now calls prepTP at the beginning. Therefore, you have to be able to open an xterm. If you run the script through SSH, make sure that you give -X option to ssh.
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