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Entry  Thu Apr 16 16:37:42 2009, Alberto, Update, Auxiliary locking, the zipper  19_3f_Current_40m_plots_SUCCESS.pdf
    Reply  Thu Apr 16 17:19:44 2009, Alberto, Update, Auxiliary locking, the zipper  04_3f_Current_40m_plots.pdf11_3f_40mUpgrade_plots.pdf
Message ID: 1491     Entry time: Thu Apr 16 17:19:44 2009     In reply to: 1490
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: Auxiliary locking 
Subject: the zipper  


It takes 18 months to double the computational power of microprocessors but it took man thousands of years to invent the zipper. I never really understood that till these days.

Here is a sample of my latest results from Optickle simulations of the locking signal for the Power Recycling Cavity.

Thanks also to Rob's revolutionary bidimensional rotating matrix idea (I can see entire books of linear algebra going to be rewritten now because of that) I could find the way to determine the optimal demodulation phases for the demod signals.

There were also an other couple of missing details. But that came easily along.

The parfor function for the parallel computation in Matlab sped up some loops by a factor of 100.


In these particular plots there's still no CARM offset scan. That's what I'm going to post next on the elog, together with the signals for the other degrees of freedom.

 Just to show that I'm confident I'm getting reasonable results, I'll post two PRC scans for different CARM. One set of plots is for the current 40m with -19.78 deg of SRM detuning phase, the other is for the Old Upgrade (9 Mhz vs the 11 currently planned) with no detuning phase.

I'm going to put together the results and get some conclusion about the 3f locking scheme for the current 40m and the upgrade.

Attachment 1: 04_3f_Current_40m_plots.pdf  12 kB  Uploaded Thu Apr 16 18:20:02 2009  | Hide | Hide all
04_3f_Current_40m_plots.pdf 04_3f_Current_40m_plots.pdf 04_3f_Current_40m_plots.pdf
Attachment 2: 11_3f_40mUpgrade_plots.pdf  12 kB  Uploaded Thu Apr 16 18:20:16 2009  | Hide | Hide all
11_3f_40mUpgrade_plots.pdf 11_3f_40mUpgrade_plots.pdf 11_3f_40mUpgrade_plots.pdf
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