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Entry  Mon Apr 13 18:57:03 2009, Alberto, Frogs, Computers, GPIB/ETH Interface Troubles sweepfrequencyPRC.pyHP8590PRC.py
    Reply  Tue Apr 14 12:10:11 2009, Alberto, Frogs, Computers, GPIB/ETH Interface Troubles 
Message ID: 1481     Entry time: Tue Apr 14 12:10:11 2009     In reply to: 1479
Author: Alberto 
Type: Frogs 
Category: Computers 
Subject: GPIB/ETH Interface Troubles 


I really don't understand why my programs that I used to use to get data from the HP Spectrum Analyzer and the Marconi frequency generator don't work anymore.

I spent hours trying to debug the code but I can't sort the problem out.

The main problem seem to be with the function recv from the socket library. Somehow it can't anymore get any data from the instruments. The thing I can't understand, though, is that if called directly from the python terminal it works fine!

In particular the problem is with the following lines in my code:

netSock.send("++read eoi\n")
tmp = netSock.recv(1024)

Tried a lot of tickering but it didn't work.

I attach the two scripts I've been using. One (sweepfrequencyPRC.py) calls the other (HP4395PRC.py).

They worked egregiously for weeks in the past. Don't know what happened since then.

This morning Joe looked at my code and made me notice that for some reason the query to the Spectrum Analyzer made by netSock.recv(1024) contained two answers. It was like the buffer contained the answer two different queries.

After some experiment I found that basically the GPIB interface wasn't switching from the "auto 1" to the "auto 0" mode as it should. I rewrote part of the code and that seemed have solved the problem.

Still don't understand why it used to work in the past and then it stopped.

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