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Message ID: 14766     Entry time: Wed Jul 17 03:05:01 2019
Author: Kruthi 
Type: Update 
Category: ASS 
Subject: MC spot position measurement scripts 

[Kruthi, Gautam, Rana]

Gautam installed Atom text editor on Pianosa yesterday.

MC spot position measurement scripts (these can be found in /scripts/ASS/MC directory)

  • Changed the power threshold for MC2 lock loss check from 15000 to 12000 (volts) in the MeasureSpotPositions.py script. This is because, the C1:I00-MC_TRANS_SUM reads a value, usually, greater than 14000 and with 15000 as the threshold, the script will always say the MC isn't locked even though it is!. Also, to account for additional variation we have a margin of 2000.
  • Issues with datetime: though MeasureSpotPositions.py was creating a .dat file, MC_spotMeasurement_history.py threw an error because the .dat file's name was not in the required format. I fixed this bug.
  • Just running the MeasureSpotPositions.py doesn't enter the results into the log file, instead ./mcassMCdecenter should be run
  • MC_spotMeasurement_history.py just plots the spot positions (in mm) vs days since 2013, using the log file. It still has some bugs
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