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Message ID: 14747     Entry time: Thu Jul 11 12:42:35 2019     In reply to: 14744     Reply to this: 14749   14785
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: CDS 
Subject: P2 interface board 

I looked into the design of the P2 interface board. The main difficulty here is geometric - we have to somehow accommodate sufficient number of D-sub connectors in the tight space between the two P-type connectors. 

I think the least painful option is to stick with Johannes' design for the P1 connector. For the CM board, the P2 connector only uses 6 pairs of conductors for signals. So we can use a D-15 connector instead of 2 D-37 connectors. Then we can change the PCB shape such that the P1 connector can be accommodated (see Attachment #1). The other alternative would be to have 2 P-type connectors and 3 D-subs on the same PCB, but then we have to be extra careful about the relative positioning of the P-type connectors (otherwise they wont fit onto the Eurocrate). So I opted to still have two separate PCBs.

I took a first pass at the design, the files may be found here. I just auto-routed the connections, this is just an electrical feedthrough so I don't think we need to be too concerned about the PCB trace routing? If this looks okay, we should send out the piece for fab ASAP.

I will work on putting together the EPICS server machine (SuperMicro) this afternoon.


2. D040180 / D1500308 Common Mode Board

CM servo board itself doesn't need any modification. The CM board uses P1 and P2. So we need to manufacture a special connector for CM Board P2. (cf The adapter board for P1 T1800260). See also D1700058.

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