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Entry  Wed Jul 10 14:57:01 2019, Koji, Summary, CDS, Channel recipe for iscaux upgrade D990694-B.pdfD990543A1.PDF
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Message ID: 14744     Entry time: Wed Jul 10 14:57:01 2019     Reply to this: 14747   14770
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Channel recipe for iscaux upgrade 

The list of the iscaux channels and pin assignments were posted to google drive.
The spreadsheet can be viewable by the link sent to the 40m ML. It was shared with foteee@gmail for full access.


  • We need
    4 ADC modules
    5 DAC modules
    5 Binary I/O modules
  • Be aware that there are bundled multiple digital I/O channels such as "mbboDirect" and "mbbi".
  • The full db record of the new channels need to be inferred from the existing channels.

Necessary electronics modification

1. D990694 whitening filter modification (4 modules)

This module shares the fast and slow channels on the top DIN96pin (P1) connector. Also, the whitening selector (done by an analog signal per channel) is assigned over 17pin of the P1 connector, resulting in the necessity of the second DSUB cable. By migrating the fast channels, we can swap the cable from the P1 to P2.  Also, the whitening selectors are concentrated on the first Dsub. (See Attachment1 P1)

2. D040180 / D1500308 Common Mode Board

CM servo board itself doesn't need any modification. The CM board uses P1 and P2. So we need to manufacture a special connector for CM Board P2. (cf The adapter board for P1 T1800260). See also D1700058.

3. D990543A1 LSC Photodiode Interface

PD I/F board has the DC mon channels spread over the 16pin limit. P1 21A can be connected to 6A so that we can accommdate it in the first Dsub.
Also the board uses AD797s. This is not necessary. We can replace them to OP27s. I actually don't know what is happening to those bias control, temp mon, enable, and status. These features should be disables at the I/F and the PDs. (See Attachment2 P1)

Attachment 1: D990694-B.pdf  1.336 MB  Uploaded Wed Jul 10 16:14:54 2019  | Hide | Hide all
D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf D990694-B.pdf
Attachment 2: D990543A1.PDF  322 kB  Uploaded Tue Jul 16 17:40:18 2019  | Hide | Hide all
D990543A1.PDF D990543A1.PDF D990543A1.PDF
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