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Entry  Tue Jun 25 11:54:47 2019, Kruthi, Update, Cameras, GigE MC2_GigE.pdfCameras_final_setup.JPG
    Reply  Wed Jun 26 19:12:00 2019, Kruthi, Update, Cameras, GigE MC2_GigE_image.pdf
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Message ID: 14702     Entry time: Wed Jun 26 19:12:00 2019     In reply to: 14695     Reply to this: 14703   14723
Author: Kruthi 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: GigE 

The GigE is focused now (judged by eye) and I have closed the lid. I'm attaching a picture of the MC2 beam spot, captured using GigE at an exposure time of 400µs.

What was the solution to resolving the flaky video streaming during the alignment process????

-> I think, the issue was with either the poor wireless network conection or the GigE-PoE ethernet cable.


Turns out, focusing the GigE is actually a bit tricky. With pylon, everytime I change the exposure or the focus, I'm running into the error I had mentioned earlier in one of my elogs; so I tried using the python scripts to interact with the GigE. But whenever I try to change the focal plane distance by rotating the lens coupler, the ethernet cable connection becomes loose and the camera server needs to be relaunched every now and then. Also, everytime we want to change the distance between the lenses, the telescope needs to be dismantled and refocused again. I'll try to come up with a better telescope design for this.

Yesterday, I had focused the GigE using a low exposure time and small aperture of iris, to make sure that we are actually seeing a sharp image of the beam spot. I'm attaching a picture of the beam spot I had clicked while focusing it, unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture after I had focused it completely. I'm also attaching a picture of the final setup for future reference. 

Yesterday night, Rana asked me to lock the MC2. I figured that the PSL shutter was closed; I just opened it and was able to see the beam spot on the analog camera screen.

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