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Entry  Wed Jun 12 02:15:50 2019, Kruthi, Update, Cameras, GigE setup MC2_GigE_setup.jpg
    Reply  Wed Jun 12 21:55:34 2019, Kruthi, Update, Cameras, GigE setup MC2_analog_pic.jpg
       Reply  Thu Jun 13 14:28:46 2019, rana, Update, Cameras, GigE setup 
          Reply  Fri Jun 14 00:40:33 2019, Kruthi, Update, Cameras, GigE setup Reference_image_taken_with_previous_analog_camera_setup.jpegMC2_image.JPG
             Reply  Sat Jun 15 00:03:26 2019, Kruthi, Update, Cameras, GigE setup mc2_GigE.pdfMC2_analog.jpegMC2_analog_OSEMs.jpeg
Message ID: 14674     Entry time: Fri Jun 14 00:40:33 2019     In reply to: 14668     Reply to this: 14676
Author: Kruthi 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: GigE setup 

Today, I tried aligning it further; I'm attaching a picture of it. We are not able to see all the 4 OSEMs yet. In the reference picture I had taken, before taking off the previous analog setup, the OSEMs are not seen. So, I don't really understand what the other 2 spots seen on the current screen are. Are they actually OSEMs?

I need a laptop next to MC2, so that I can have a look at it and make further alignments. So, I tried accessing the GigE attached to the telescope using Paola. The pylon app in it, throws an error, few seconds after running it in continuous shot mode, and disconnects the GigE; everything works fine on Rossa though. I'll put up further details soon.


don't need to lock - make sure the 4 OSEMs are centered on the camera field just as we have for the arm cavity mirrors


I'm attaching a picture of the screen. I just positioned the enclosure by turning it a bit and I suppose we can see the mirror inside the vacuum now (the MC2 is still not locked). 



Attachment 1: Reference_image_taken_with_previous_analog_camera_setup.jpeg  1.551 MB  Uploaded Fri Jun 14 02:04:20 2019  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: MC2_image.JPG  2.462 MB  Uploaded Fri Jun 14 02:05:10 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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