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Entry  Wed May 22 22:50:13 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, Pumpdown prep 
    Reply  Thu May 23 15:30:56 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, Pumpdown underway - so far so good! pumpdownPres.png
       Reply  Fri May 24 11:47:15 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, IFO is almost at nominal vacuum pumpdown_20190524.png
          Reply  Mon May 27 11:37:13 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, c1vac is unresponsive 
             Reply  Tue May 28 09:51:33 2019, gautam, Update, VAC, c1vac hard-rebooted Screen_Shot_2019-05-31_at_12.44.54_PM.png
Message ID: 14640     Entry time: Mon May 27 11:37:13 2019     In reply to: 14636     Reply to this: 14641
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: c1vac is unresponsive 

I've been monitoring the status of the pumpdown remotely with ndscope lookbacks of C1:Vac-CC1_pressure. Today morning, I saw that the channel was putting out a constant value (signature of EPICS server being frozen). caget did not work either. Then I tried ssh-ing into c1vac to see if there were any issues but I was unable to. The machine isn't responding to ping either. The EPICS value has been frozen since ~1030pm PDT 26 May 2019.

I will try and head to campus later today to check on it. Isn't an email alert or soemthing supposed to be sent out in such an event?

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