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Message ID: 1461     Entry time: Wed Apr 8 18:46:50 2009
Author: rana 
Type: Configuration 
Category: General 
Subject: DMF, SVN, x2mc, and matlab 

While waiting for the installation of the 32-bit Matlab 2009a to finish, I tried updating our seisBLRMS.m code.

Although DMF is in SVN, we forgot to check it out and so the directory where we have been doing our mods is not a working copy and our changes have not been captured: Shame.

We will probably have to wipe out the existing SVN trunk of DMF and re-import the directory after checking with Yoichi for SVN compliance.

Also wrote a script: LSC/x2mc, which will transition from regular ETM based X Arm locking to the MC2 based locking. It ran once OK, but I get a segfault on the 'trianglewave' which was trying to run the 'ezcastep' perl script which was calling 'ezcastep.bin'.

I also restarted the seisBLRMS.m on a terminal on Mafalda in the new Matlab 2009a to see if it loses its NDS connection like it did with 2007a. I also reduced the 'delay' parameter to 4 minutes and the 'interval' to 1 minute. This should be so that the total delay is now 5 minutes between seismic noise and seismic trend.

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