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Entry  Thu May 2 15:15:15 2019, Jon, Omnistructure, Computers, susaux machine renamed 
    Reply  Fri May 3 09:12:31 2019, gautam, Update, SUS, All vertex SUS watchdogs were tripped SUSwatchdogs.png
       Reply  Mon May 6 11:05:23 2019, Jon, Update, SUS, All vertex SUS watchdogs were tripped 
Message ID: 14596     Entry time: Mon May 6 11:05:23 2019     In reply to: 14591
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: All vertex SUS watchdogs were tripped 

Yes, this was a consequence of the systemd scripting I was setting up. Unlike the old susaux system, we decided for safety NOT to allow the modbus IOC to automatically enable the coil outputs. Thus when the modbus service starts/restarts, it automatically restores all state except the watchdog channels, which are left in their default disabled state. They then have to be manully enabled by an operator, as I should have done after finishing testing.


I found the 8 vertex watchdogs tripped today morning. The ETMs were fine, suggesting this was not an actual earthquake. I suspect it was connected to this remote work? Was there a reason why they were left tripped?

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