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Message ID: 14497     Entry time: Tue Mar 26 18:35:06 2019
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: Upgrade 
Subject: Modbus IOC is running on c1susaux2 

Thanks to new info from Johannes, I was able to finish setting up the modbus IOC on c1susaux2. It turns out the 17 Acromags draw ~1.9 A, which is way more than I had expected. Hence the reason I had suspected a short. Adding a second DC supply in parallel solves the problem. There is no issue with the wiring.

With the Acromags powered on, I carried out the following:

  • Confirmed c1susaux2 can communicate with each Acromag at its assigned IP address
  • Modified the EPICS .cmd file to point to the local modbus installation (not the remote executable on /cvs/cds)
  • Debugged several IOC initialization errors. All were caused by minor typos in the database files.
  • Scripted the modbus IOC to launch as a systemd service (will add implementation details to the documentation page)

The modbusIOC is now running as a peristent system service, which is automatically launched on boot and relaunched after a crash. I'm able to access a random selection of channels using caget.

What's left now is to finish the Acromag-to-feedthrough wiring, then test/calibrate each channel.

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