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Entry  Wed Mar 20 19:26:25 2019, Jon, Update, VAC, Protection against AC power loss IMG_3146.jpg
    Reply  Thu Mar 21 21:50:31 2019, rana, Update, VAC, Protection against AC power loss 
Message ID: 14494     Entry time: Thu Mar 21 21:50:31 2019     In reply to: 14488
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: Protection against AC power loss 

agreed - we need all pumps on UPS for their safety and also so that we can spin them down safely. Can you and Chub please find a suitable UPS?


However, I discovered that TP1---the pump that might be most damaged by a sudden power failure---is not on the UPS. It's plugged directly into a 240V outlet along the wall. This is because the current UPS doesn't have any 240V sockets. I'd recommend we get one that can handle all the turbo pumps.

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