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Entry  Sun Mar 29 17:54:41 2009, Yoichi, Update, SUS, MC1 drift investigation continued Drift1.pdf
    Reply  Mon Mar 30 09:07:22 2009, rana, Update, SUS, MC1 drift investigation continued 
       Reply  Mon Mar 30 13:29:40 2009, Yoichi, Update, SUS, MC1 drift investigation continued 
Message ID: 1440     Entry time: Sun Mar 29 17:54:41 2009     Reply to this: 1441
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: MC1 drift investigation continued 
The attached plots show the trend of the MC OSEM signals along with the voltages across the output resistors of the bias current buffers.
The channel assignments are:
MC_TMP1 = LL coil
MC_DRUM1 = UL coil

Although the amplitude of the drift of MC1 is much larger than that of MC2 and MC3, the shape of the drift looks like a daily cycle (temperature ?).
This time, I reduced the MC1 bias currents to avoid saturation of the ADCs for the channels measuring the voltages across the output resistors.
This may be the reason the MC1 has been non-glitchy for the last day.

OSA_APTEMP (UR Coil) shows a step function like behavior, although it did not show up in the OSEM signals.
This, of course, should not happen.

Today, I went to the MC1 satellite box and found that the 64-pin IDE like connector was broken.
The connector is supposed to sandwich the ribbon cable, but the top piece was loose.
The connector is on the cable connecting the satellite box and the SUS rack.
I replaced the broken connector with a new one. I also swapped the MC1 and MC3 satellite boxes to see if the glitches show up in the MC3.

I restored the bias currents of the MC1 to the original values.

The probes to monitor the voltages across the output resistors are still there. For OSA_SPTEMP, which was saturating the ADC, I put a voltage divider before the ADC. Other channels were very close to saturation but still within the ADC range.

Please leave the MC unlocked at least until the Monday morning.
Also please do not touch the Pomona box hanging in front of the IOO rack. It is the voltage divider. The case is connected to the coil side of the output resistor. If you touch it, the MC1 bias current will change.

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