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Entry  Thu Jan 3 21:17:49 2019, rana, Configuration, Computers, Workstation Upgrade: Donatella -> Scientific Linux 7.2 IMG_20190103_205158.jpg
    Reply  Thu Jul 25 14:28:03 2019, gautam, Configuration, Computers, firewalld disabled for EPICS CA donatellaCommissioning.png
Message ID: 14382     Entry time: Thu Jan 3 21:17:49 2019     Reply to this: 14812
Author: rana 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Workstation Upgrade: Donatella -> Scientific Linux 7.2 

donatella was one of our last workstations running ubuntu12. we installed SL7 on there today

  1. had to use a DVD; wouldn't boot from USB stick
  2. made sure to use userID=1001 and groupID=1001 at the initial install part
  3. went to the Keith Thorne LLO wiki on SL7
  4. The 'yum update' command failed due to a gstreamer conflict. I did "yum remove gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-free-1.10.4-3.el7.x86_64" and then it continued a bit more.
  5. Then there are ~20 errors related to gds-crtools that look like this:Error: Package: gds-crtools-2.18.12-1.el7.x86_64 (lscsoft-production) Requires: libMatrix.so.6.14()(64bit)

  6. I re-ran the yum install .... command using the --skip-broken command and that seemed to complete, although I guess the GDS stuff will not work.
  7. Installed: terminator, inconsolata-fonts, 
  8. Installed XFCE desktop as per K Thorne:  yum groupinstall "Xfce" -y
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