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Message ID: 1436     Entry time: Fri Mar 27 02:50:54 2009
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: DD demodulation phase suspicious 
I noticed that the gain of PD6_Q (before the phase rotation) was 0 whereas PD6_I gain was 15.
This means the demodulation phase of the PD6 had no meaning other than changing the gain.
According to the conlog, it has been zero since March 2nd. I don't know how it happened.

While I was re-adjusting the DD phase, the MC started to unlock frequently (every 10 minutes or so).
MC1 is again drifting a lot (it is getting step-function like alignment changes intermittently).
This practically made it impossible to work on locking. So I decided to fix the MC first.
See Peter's elog entry for the MC work.
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