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Entry  Mon Aug 6 20:41:10 2018, aaron, Update, DAQ, New DAC for the OMC OMCDACmdl.png
    Reply  Mon Aug 13 20:21:10 2018, aaron, Update, OMC, New DAC for the OMC c1omcSCREENSHOT.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 14 18:58:35 2018, aaron, Update, DAQ, New DAC for the OMC 6D079592-1350-4099-864B-1F61539A623F.jpeg5868D030-0B97-43A1-BF70-B6A7F4569DFA.jpeg
Message ID: 14295     Entry time: Wed Nov 14 18:58:35 2018     In reply to: 14141
Author: aaron 
Type: Update 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: New DAC for the OMC 

I began moving the AA and AI chassis over to 1X1/1X2 as outlined in the elog.

The chassis were mostly filled with empty cables. There was one cable attached to the output of a QPD interface board, but there was nothing attached to the input so it was clearly not in use and I disconnected it.

I also attach a picture of some of the SMA connectors I had to rotate to accommodate the chassis in their new locations.


The chassis are installed, and the anti-imaging chassis can be seen second from the top; the anti-aliasing chassis can be seen 7th from the top.

I need to breakout the SCSI on the back of the AA chassis, because ADC breakout board only has a DB36 adapter available; the other cables are occupied by the signals from the WFS dewhitening outputs.

Attachment 1: 6D079592-1350-4099-864B-1F61539A623F.jpeg  2.785 MB  Uploaded Wed Nov 14 23:18:06 2018  | Show | Show all
Attachment 2: 5868D030-0B97-43A1-BF70-B6A7F4569DFA.jpeg  3.771 MB  Uploaded Wed Nov 14 23:18:21 2018  | Show | Show all
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