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Entry  Fri Sep 21 19:50:17 2018, Koji, Update, CDS, Frequent time out 33.png49.pngScreenshot_from_2018-09-21_21-52-54.png
    Reply  Sat Sep 22 00:21:07 2018, Koji, Update, CDS, Frequent time out 23.png
Message ID: 14208     Entry time: Fri Sep 21 19:50:17 2018     Reply to this: 14210
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Frequent time out 

Multiple realtime processes on c1sus are suffering from frequent time outs. It eventually knocks out c1sus (process).

Obviously this has started since the fiber swap this afternoon.

gautam 10pm: there are no clues as to the origin of this problem on the c1sus frontend dmesg logs. The only clue (see Attachment #3) is that the "ADC" error bit in the CDS status word is red - but opening up the individual ADC error log MEDM screens show no errors or overflows. Not sure what to make of this. The IOP model on this machine (c1x02) reports an error in the "Timing" bit of the CDS status word, but from the previous exchange with Rolf / J Hanks, this is down to a misuse of ADC0 Ch31 which is supposed to be reserved for a DuoTone diagnostic signal, but which we use for some other signal (one of the MC suspension shadow sensors iirc). The response is also not consistent with this CDS manual - which suggests that an "ADC" error should just kill the models. There are no obvious red indicator lights in the c1sus expansion chassis either.

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Attachment 2: 49.png  29 kB  Uploaded Fri Sep 21 20:59:05 2018  | Show | Show all
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