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Entry  Wed Jun 27 19:37:16 2018, Koji, Configuration, Computers, New NAT router installed P_20180627_193357.jpg
    Reply  Wed Jul 25 22:46:15 2018, gautam, Configuration, Computers, NDS access from outside 
Message ID: 14104     Entry time: Wed Jul 25 22:46:15 2018     In reply to: 14026
Author: gautam 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: NDS access from outside 

After this work, I've been having some trouble getting data with Python NDS. Eventually, I figured out that the nds connection request has to be pointed at '' (the address of the NAT router which faces the outside world), port 31200 (it used to work with 'nds40.ligo.caltech.edu' or ''). So the following snippet in python allows a connection to be opened. Offline access of frame data via NDS2 now seems possible.

import nds2
conn = nds2.connection('',31200)

So far, ssh (22), web services (30889), and elog (8081, 8080) were tested. We also need to test megatron NDS port forwarding and rsync for nodus, too.Finally I turned off the firewall rules of shorewall on nodus as it is no longer necessary.

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