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Entry  Tue Jul 17 12:55:45 2018, Koji, Summary, General, Started pumping 6x
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                   Reply  Thu Jul 19 11:01:03 2018, Steve, Summary, VAC, pd81 @ 2e-5 Torr pd81@2days.png
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                               Reply  Thu Aug 16 07:50:28 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, pumpdown 81 at day 30 pd81d30.png
                                  Reply  Thu Aug 16 14:48:14 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, why do we need a root pump? 6x
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                                  Reply  Fri Aug 24 10:51:23 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, pumpdown 81 at day 38 d38.png
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Message ID: 14083     Entry time: Wed Jul 18 17:36:50 2018     In reply to: 14082     Reply to this: 14085
Author: Steve 
Type: Summary 
Category: VAC 
Subject: pumpdown 81 at 6 +9 hrs completed 

IFO P1 6e-4 Torr,  manual gate valve is fully open

The annuloses will be pumped down tomorrow.

Valve configuration: vacuum normal, RGA and annuloses are not pumped


The manual gate valve scan was clean. Atm1     TP1 was pumping on it overnight.

                                                Pumpdown continued to hand over the pumping to TP1 maglev turbo

V1 was opened at P1 400 mTorr  with manual gate at 3/4 turn open position as Magev at 560 Hz rotation.

This is the first time we pumping down from atm with one small "beer can" turbo  and throttled gate to control load on small turbo forepump

The 70 l/s turbo is operating at 50k RPM, 0.7 A and 31 C,  pumping speed  ~ 44 mTorr/h at 200-400 mTorr range.

Watching foreline pressures and current one can keep opening gate valve little by little the so the load is optimized. It is working but not fast.

Let's keep small turbo at 0.8 Amp and 32 C max at this pumpdown. 



  • Opened VM2 to pump down the RGA section with TP1
  • Stopped rotary roughing pumps
    • Manually closed RV1
    • Closed V3
    • Stopped RP1 and RP3
    • Vented the RP hose

The P1 pressure is 380mTorr. I allowed Gautam to use the full PSL power (~1W).

Attachment 1: pd81completed.png  70 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: pd81@30hrs.png  26 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 18 18:50:42 2018  | Hide | Hide all
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