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Message ID: 14071     Entry time: Fri Jul 13 23:39:46 2018
Author: Annalisa 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Thermal Compensation 
Subject: Thermal compensation setup - power supply 

[Annalisa, Rana]

In order to power the heater setup to be installed in the ETMY chamber, we took the Sorensen DSC33-33E power supply from the Xend rack which was supposed to power the heater for the seismometer setup.

We modified the J3 connector behind in such a way to allow a remote control (unsoldered pins 9 and 8). 

Now pins 9 and 12 need to be connected to a BNC cable running to the EPICS.

RXA update: the Sorensen's have the capability to be controlled by an external current source, voltage source, or resistive load. We have configured it so that 0-5V moves the output from 0-33 V. There is also the possibility to make it a current source and have the output current (rather than voltage) follow the control voltage. This might be useful since out heater resistance is changing with temperature.

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