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Message ID: 14069     Entry time: Fri Jul 13 20:36:33 2018
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: In vac/In air heater wiring  

I went to the Y-end and took more photos of the cable stand. These revealed that in-vac pin #13 is connected to the shield of the cable (P.2). This in-vac pin #13 corresponds to  in-air pin #1. So in the end, we bunch the pins in the following order.

In Air In Vac
Pin #2-7 Pin #12-7
Pin #8-13 Pin #6-1
Pin #14-19 Pin #25-20
Pin #20-25 Pin #19-14


Attachment 1: heater_wiring.pdf  4.644 MB  Uploaded Fri Jul 13 21:37:51 2018  | Hide | Hide all
heater_wiring.pdf heater_wiring.pdf heater_wiring.pdf
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