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Entry  Mon Mar 9 19:33:10 2009, rana, Update, DMF, seisBLRMS in temp condition Untitled.png
    Reply  Fri Mar 13 19:26:09 2009, Yoichi, Update, DMF, seisBLRMS compiled 
       Reply  Sun Mar 22 22:47:58 2009, rana, Update, DMF, seisBLRMS compiled but still dying 
Message ID: 1400     Entry time: Fri Mar 13 19:26:09 2009     In reply to: 1379     Reply to this: 1416
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Update 
Category: DMF 
Subject: seisBLRMS compiled 

 I compiled seisBLRMS.

The tricks were the following:

(1) Don't add path in a deployed command.
It does not make sense to add paths in a compiled command because it may be moved to anywhere. Moreover, it can cause some weird side effects. Therefore, I enclosed the addpath part of mdv_config.m in a "if ~isdeployed ... end" clause to avoid adding paths when deployed. Instead of adding paths in the code, we have to add paths to necessary files with -I options at the compilation time. This way, mcc will add all the necessary files into the CTF archive.

(2) Add mex files to the CTF archive by -a options.
For some reason, mcc does not add necessary mex files into the CTF archive even though those files are called in the m-file which is being compiled. We have to add those files by -a options.

(3) NDS_GetData() is slow for nodus when compiled.
NDS_GetData(), which is called by get_data() stops for a few minutes when using nodus as an NDS server.
This problem does not happen when not compiled. I don't know the reason. To avoid this, I modified seisBLRMS.m so that when an environmental variable $NDS is defined, it will use an NDS server defined in this variable.

I wrote a Makefile to compile seisBLRMS. You can read the file to see the details of the tricks.
I also wrote a script start_seisBLRMS, which can be found in /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/DMF/compiled_matlab/seisblrms/. To start seisBLRMS, you can just call this script.
At this moment, seisBLRMS is running on megatron. Let's see if it continues to run without crashing.


The seisBLRMS has been running on megatron via an open terminal ssh'd into there from allegra with matlab running. This

is because I couldn't get the compiled matlab functionality to work.

Even so, this running script has been dying lately because of some bogus 'NDS' error. So for today I

have set the NDS server for mDV on megatron to be fb40m:8088 instead of nodus.ligo.caltech.edu. If this seems to fix the problem

I will make this permanent by putting in a case statement to check whether or not the mDV'ing machine is a 40m-martian or not.

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