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Entry  Thu Jun 14 13:29:51 2018, gautam, Update, General, PSL shutter closed, all optics misaligned 
    Reply  Thu Jun 14 19:30:12 2018, gautam, Update, General, IFO alignment restored 
       Reply  Thu Jun 14 22:45:05 2018, johannes, Update, General, AUX beam SRC alignment 
          Reply  Sat Jun 16 00:26:48 2018, gautam, Update, General, PRC modescan attempt 
             Reply  Sat Jun 16 01:25:29 2018, Koji, Update, General, PRC modescan attempt 
                Reply  Sat Jun 16 20:57:59 2018, Jon, Update, General, PRC modescan attempt 40M_SRMI_AM_annotated.pdf40M_DRMI_AM.pdf
Message ID: 13975     Entry time: Sat Jun 16 01:25:29 2018     In reply to: 13974     Reply to this: 13976
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: PRC modescan attempt 

The PRC FSR is, of course, very close to twice of our f1 moudlation frequency (11MHz x 2 = 22MHz) .

I still don't understand what response the measurement is looking for. I understood the idea of using the subcarrier as a stablized carrier to the PRC with a certain freq offset from the main carrier. I suppose what was swept was the AOM modulation frequency (i.e. modulation frequency of the AM applied to the subcarrier). If that is the case, the subcarrier seemed fixed at an arbitorary frequency (i.e. 50MHz) away from the carrier. If one of the AM sidebands hits the PRC resonance (i.e. 22, 44, 66MHz away from the main carrier), you still have the other sideband reflected back to the AS. Then the RF signal at the AS is still dominated by this reflected sideband. I feel that the phase modulation is rather suitable for this purpose.

If you are talking about ~MHz AM modulation by the AOM and scanning the PLL frequency from 1MHz to 60MHz, the story is different. And this should involve demodulation of the AS signal at the AM modulation frequency. But I still don't understand why we don't use phase modulation, which gives us the PDH type signal at the reflection (i.e. AS) port...


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