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Entry  Mon Jun 11 23:22:53 2018, gautam, Update, CDS, EX wiring confusion 
    Reply  Wed Jun 13 23:23:44 2018, johannes, Update, CDS, EX wiring confusion c1auxex_channels.pdfXEND_slow_wiring.pdf
       Reply  Thu Jun 14 10:41:00 2018, gautam, Update, CDS, EX wiring confusion 
          Reply  Thu Jun 14 15:31:18 2018, johannes, Update, CDS, EX wiring confusion XEND_slow_wiring.pdfc1auxex_channels.pdf
Message ID: 13947     Entry time: Mon Jun 11 23:22:53 2018     Reply to this: 13958
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: EX wiring confusion 

 [Koji, gautam]

Per this elog, we don't need any AIOut channels or Oplev channels. However, the latest wiring diagram I can find for the EX Acromag situation suggests that these channels are hooked up (physically). If this is true, there are 12 ADC channels that are occupied which we can use for other purposes. Question for Johannes: Is this true? If so, Kira has plenty of channels available for her Temperature control stuff..

As an aside, we found that the EPICS channel names for the TRX/TRY QPD gain stages are somewhat strangely named. Looking closely at the schematic (which has now been added to the 40m DCC tree, we can add out custom mods later), they do (somewhat) add up, but I think we should definitely rename them in a more systematic manner, and use an MEDM screen to indicate stuff like x4 or x20 or "Active" etc. BTW, the EX and EY QPDs have different settings. But at least the settings are changed synchronously for all four quadrants, unlike the WFS heads...

Unrelated: I had to key the c1iscaux and c1auxey crates.

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