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Message ID: 1389     Entry time: Wed Mar 11 21:03:51 2009
Author: Kakeru and Kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: PSL angle QPD 

Kakeru and Kiwamu

We placed a QPD on the PSL bench for PSL angle monitor.



I checked a broken QPD, which was placed for PSL angle monitor, and finally I cocluded one segment of the quadrant diode was broken.

The broken segment has a offset voltage of -0.7V after 1st I-V amplifier. It means the diode segment has a current offset without any injection of light.

Tomorrow I will check a new QPD for replacement.

Kiwamu IZUMI


 As we mentioned before, old QPD which used to be placed is broken.

 And we put broken QPD into the "photodiodes" box under the soldering table.



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