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Entry  Mon Mar 9 23:55:38 2009, Osamu, DAQ, Computers, bscteststand and kami1 outside martian 
    Reply  Sun Mar 22 23:16:41 2009, rana, DAQ, Computer Scripts / Programs, tpman restart 
Message ID: 1381     Entry time: Mon Mar 9 23:55:38 2009     Reply to this: 1417
Author: Osamu 
Type: DAQ 
Category: Computers 
Subject: bscteststand and kami1 outside martian 

This morning there was a confliction of tpman running on fb40m and kami1. Alex fixed it temporary but Rana suggested it was better to move both PCs outside martian. We moved both PCs physically to the control room and connected to general network with a local router. I believe it won't conflict anymore but if you guess these PC might have trouble please feel free to shutdown.


Today's work summary:

 *connected expansion chassis to bscteststand

 *obtained signals on dataviewer, dtt for both realtime and past data on bscteststand with 64kHz timing signal



Excitation channels are not shown, only "other" is shown.

qts.mdl should run with 16kHz but 16kHz timing causes a slow speed on dataviewer and failing data aquisition on dtt. We are using 64kHz timing but is it really correct?

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