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Entry  Sun Jul 23 15:00:28 2017, Jamie, Omnistructure, VAC, strange sound around X arm vacuum pumps 
    Reply  Mon Jul 24 09:55:29 2017, Steve, Omnistructure, VAC, controller failer TP2controllerFails.png
       Reply  Tue Jul 25 08:48:57 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan at d278 RGA278d.png
          Reply  Mon Aug 28 10:28:07 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan 20 day after 17 Torr 20d_after_17_torr.png
             Reply  Tue Jan 30 10:22:20 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan at day 175 RGApd80-b-468-175d.pngRgaOn20hrs.png
                Reply  Fri Mar 16 09:36:56 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan at day 511,218d RgaScan511d.png08.png
                   Reply  Mon Mar 26 09:25:18 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, VM1 opened CC4VM1.png
                      Reply  Tue Mar 27 08:58:21 2018, Steve, Update, VAC, VM1 opened.......scan fine rga2018march27.png
          Reply  Tue Sep 19 11:05:26 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan at day 334  RGAscan334d.png
             Reply  Fri Oct 27 10:14:11 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, RGA scan at day 372 RGA_scan_d372.png
                Reply  Mon Oct 30 10:09:41 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, TP2 failed tp2failed.pngifo_1.0E-5_Torrit.pngtp2failed2dago.png4days.png
                   Reply  Mon Nov 6 09:09:43 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, setting up new TP2 turbo 
       Reply  Tue Jul 25 14:04:06 2017, Steve, Update, VAC, turbo controller installed and we are running at vac normal TP2@75Krpm.png
Message ID: 13702     Entry time: Mon Mar 26 09:25:18 2018     In reply to: 13685     Reply to this: 13709
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: VM1 opened 

CC1 old MKS cold cathode gauge randomly turns on- off. This makes software interlock close VM1 to protect RGA  So the closed off RGA region pressure goes up and the result is distorted RGA scan.

CC1 MKS gauge is disconnected and VM1 opened. This reminds me that we should connect our interlocks to CC1 Hornet Pressure gauge.


Pumpdown 80 at 511 days and pd80b at 218 days

Valve configuration:  special vacuum normal, annuloses are not pumped at 3 Torr, IFO pressure 7.4e-6 Torr at vac envelope temp 22 +- 1C degrres



Attachment 1: CC4VM1.png  82 kB  Uploaded Mon Mar 26 10:25:52 2018  | Hide | Hide all
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