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Entry  Wed Feb 21 00:04:27 2018, gautam, Update, Electronics, Temporary RF power monitor setup RFbeatAmp.pngBeatMouthX_RFAM_20180221.pdf
    Reply  Wed Feb 21 12:17:04 2018, gautam, Update, CDS, LO Power mon channels added to c1lsc 
Message ID: 13646     Entry time: Wed Feb 21 12:17:04 2018     In reply to: 13645
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: LO Power mon channels added to c1lsc 

To make this setup more permanent, I modified the c1lsc model to pipe the LO power monitor signals from the Demod chassis to unused channels ADC_0_25 (X channel LO) and ADC_0_26 (Y channel LO) in the c1lsc model. I also added a couple of CDS filter blocks inside the "ALS" namespace block in c1lsc so as to allow for calibration from counts to dBm. I didn't add any DQ channels for now as I think the slow EPICS records will be sufficient for diagnostics. It is kind of overkill to use the fast channels for DC voltage monitoring, but until we have acromag channels readily accessible at 1Y2, this will do.

Modified model compiled and installed successfully, though I have yet to restart it given that I'll likely have to do a major reboot of all vertex FEs frown

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