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Entry  Fri Jan 5 19:19:25 2018, rana, Configuration, SEI, Barry Controls 'air puck' instead of 'VOPO style' breadboard mm_slm.jpgScreen_Shot_2018-01-05_at_7.25.47_PM.png
    Reply  Wed Jan 10 16:27:02 2018, Steve, Configuration, SEI, load cell for weight measurement stacis3LoadCells.png
       Reply  Wed May 2 10:03:58 2018, Steve, HowTo, SEI, preparation of load cell measurement at ETMX 6x
          Reply  Thu May 3 09:56:42 2018, Steve, HowTo, SEI, preparation of load cell measurement at ETMX 
             Reply  Mon May 14 08:55:40 2018, Dennis Coyne, HowTo, SEI, preparation of load cell measurement at ETMX 
    Reply  Tue Jan 23 16:02:05 2018, Steve, Configuration, SEI, load cells stacis3LoadCells.pngDSC00025.JPGDSC00026.JPG
Message ID: 13570     Entry time: Tue Jan 23 16:02:05 2018     In reply to: 13505
Author: Steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: SEI 
Subject: load cells 

1500 and 2000 lbs load cells arrived from MIT to measure the vertical loads on each leg.


We've been thinking about putting in a blade spring / wire based aluminum breadboard on top of the ETM & ITM stacks to get an extra factor of 10 in seismic attenuation.

Today Koji and I wondered about whether we could instead put something on the outside of the chambers. We have frozen the STACIS system because it produces a lot of excess noise below 1 Hz while isolating in the 5-50 Hz band.

But there is a small gap between the STACIS and the blue crossbeams that attache to the beams that go into the vacuum to support the stack. One possibility is to put in a small compliant piece in there to gives us some isolation in the 10-30 Hz band where we are using up a lot of the control range. The SLM series mounts from Barry Controls seems to do the trick. Depending on the load, we can get a 3-4 Hz resonant frequency.

Steve, can you please figure out how to measure what the vertical load is on each of the STACIS?


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