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Message ID: 13569     Entry time: Tue Jan 23 01:56:18 2018
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Teledyne AP1053 

I have acquired 5 pieces of the Teledyne AP1053 from Koji - these are now at the 40m. I will determine an appropriate location for storage of these and update. We are also looking to acquire 5 more of these. The combination of high power output (26dBm), low gain (10dB), and low noise figure (1.5dB) are quite uncommon in an amplifier and so these should be used only when such properties are required simultaneously.

*Steve informs me that these amps have been stored in the RF cabinet E6 along the east arm.

Steve's note: Teledyne rf amp product selection guide

                   Teledyne rf low noise amp guide


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