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Entry  Mon Jan 22 12:48:48 2018, Koji, Summary, General, Beat setup for aLIGO EOM test IMG_3048.JPG
    Reply  Mon Jan 22 20:54:58 2018, Koji, Summary, General, AUX-PSL beat setup IMG_3051.JPG
Message ID: 13566     Entry time: Mon Jan 22 12:48:48 2018     Reply to this: 13567
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: Beat setup for aLIGO EOM test 

I'm planning to construct a beat setup between the PSL and AUX beams. I am going to make it in the area shown in a blue square in the attached photo. This does not disturb Johannes' and PSL setups. The beams are obtained from the PBS reflection of the PSL and the dumped beam of the aux path (0th or 1st order beam of the AOM).

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