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Entry  Wed Mar 4 17:59:14 2009, Yoichi, Configuration, Computers, ezca tools and tds tools work around 
    Reply  Fri Mar 6 18:26:37 2009, Yoichi, Configuration, Computers, ezca tools and tds tools work around 
Message ID: 1356     Entry time: Wed Mar 4 17:59:14 2009     Reply to this: 1368
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: ezca tools and tds tools work around 
Some of ezca commands and tds commands sporadically fail with a segmentation fault on linux machines.
As far as I know, ezcawrite, ezcastep, ezcaswitch, and tdswrite have this problem.
These are commands to write values into epics channels. So usually people do not check the exit status of those commands in their scripts.
This could cause incomplete execution of, for example, down scripts.
Ideally, this problem should be fixed in the source codes of the problematic commands.
However, I don't have a patience to wait it to happen, and I needed to fix these problems immediately for the lock acquisition.
So I resorted to a hacky solution.
I renamed those commands to *.bin, e.g. ezcawrite -> ezcawrite.bin.
Then wrote wrapper scripts to repeatedly call those commands until it succeeds.
For example, ezcawrite now looks like,
#!/bin/csh -f
while (! { ezcawrite.bin $* })
      echo "Retry $0 $*"
So, when ezcawrite.bin fails, the command retries it and show a message "Retry ....".

If you need to call the original commands, you can always do so by adding ".bin" at the end of the command name.
Currently the following commands are wrapped.
ezcawrite, ezcaservo, ezcastep, ezcaswitch, tdswrite, tdssine.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with this.
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