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Entry  Thu Jan 11 14:47:11 2018, Steve, Update, PSL, shelf work for tomorrow 
    Reply  Fri Jan 12 10:26:24 2018, Steve, Update, PSL, PSL shelf work schedule 
       Reply  Tue Jan 16 11:05:51 2018, gautam, Update, PSL, PSL shelf - AOM power connection interrupted 
          Reply  Tue Jan 16 16:18:47 2018, Steve, Update, PSL, new PSL shelf in place DSC00020.JPG
          Reply  Tue Jan 16 21:46:02 2018, gautam, Update, PSL, PSL shelf - AOM power connection interrupted 
Message ID: 13551     Entry time: Tue Jan 16 21:46:02 2018     In reply to: 13549
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PSL shelf - AOM power connection interrupted 

Johannes informed me that he touched up the PMC REFL camera alignment. I am holding off on re-soldering the AOM driver power as I could use another pair of hands getting the power cable disentangled and removed from the 1X2 rack rails, so that I can bring it out to the lab and solder it back on.

Is anyone aware of a more robust connector solution for the type of power pins we have on the AOM driver?


While moving the RefCav to facilitate the PSL shelf install, I bumped the power cable to the AOM driver. I will re-solder it in the evening after the shelf installation. PMC and IMC have been re-locked. Judging by the PMC refl camera image, I may also have bumped the camera as the REFL spot is now a little shifted. The fact that the IMC re-locked readily suggests that the input pointing can't have changed significantly because of the RefCav move.



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