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Entry  Thu Jan 11 18:50:31 2018, gautam, Update, IOO, MCautolocker getting stuck 
    Reply  Mon Jan 15 11:53:57 2018, gautam, Update, IOO, MCautolocker getting stuck MCautolkockerStuck.png
Message ID: 13547     Entry time: Mon Jan 15 11:53:57 2018     In reply to: 13533
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MCautolocker getting stuck 

Looks like this problem presisted over the weekend - Attachment #1 is the wall StripTool trace for PSL diagnostics, seems like the control signal to the NPRO PZT and FSS EOM were all over the place, and saturated for the most part.

I traced down the problem to an unresponsive c1iool0. So looks like for the IMC autolocker to work properly (on the software end), we need c1psl, c1iool0 and megatron to all be running smoothly. c1psl controls the FSS box gains through EPICS channels, c1iool0 controls the MC servo board gains through EPICS channels, and megatron runs the various scripts to setup the gains for either lock acquisition or in lock states. In this specific case, the autolocker was being foiled because the mcdown script wasn't running properly - it was unable to set the EPICS channel C1:IOO-MC_VCO_GAIN to its lock acquisition value of -15dB, and was stuck at its in-lock value of +7dB. Curiously, the other EPICS channels on c1iool0 seemed readable and were reset by mcdown. Anyways, keying the c1iool0 crate seems to have fixed the probelm.


I've noticed this a couple of times today - when the autolocker runs the mcdown script, sometimes it doesn't seem to actually change the various gain sliders on the PSL FSS. There is no handshaking built in to the autolocker at the moment. So the autolocker thinks that the settings are correct for lock re-acquisition, but they are not. The PCdrive signal is often railing, as is the PZT signal. The autolocker just gets stuck waiting to re-acquire lock. This has happened today ~3 times, and each time, the Autolocker has tried to re-acquire lock unsuccessfully for ~1hour.

Perhaps I'll add a line or two to check that the signal levels are indicative of mcdown being successfully executed.


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