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Message ID: 1349     Entry time: Tue Mar 3 11:39:50 2009
Author: Osamu 
Type: DAQ 
Category: Computers 
Subject: 2 PCs in Martian 

 Kiwamu and I brought 2 SUPER MICRO PCs from Willson house into 40m.

Both PCs are hooked up into Martian network. One is named as bscteststand for BSC which has been set up by Cds people and another one is named kami1 for temporary use for CLIO which is a bland new, no operating installed PC. This bland new PC will be returned Cds or 40m once another new PC which we will order within several days arrives.

IP address for each machine is and respectively.

We have installed CentOS5.2 into the new PC.

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