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Message ID: 1348     Entry time: Tue Mar 3 10:39:07 2009
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: c1lsc discontinued functioning 

The c1lsc has been unstable since last night. Its status on the DAQ screen was oscillating from green to red every minute.

Yesterday, I power recycled it. That brought it back but the MC got unclocked and the autolocker could not get engaged. I think it's because the power recycling also turned c1iscaux2 off which occupies the same rack crate.

Killing the autolocker on op340 e restarting didn't work. So I rebooted also c1dcuepis and burt-restored almost all snapshot files. To do that, as usual, I had to edit the snapshot files of c1dcuepics to move the quotes from the last line.

After that I restarted the autolocker that time it worked.

This morning c1lsc was again in the same unstable status as yesterday. This time I just reset it (no power recycling) and then I restarted it. It worked and now everything seems to be fine.

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