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Entry  Tue Nov 14 16:02:43 2017, Kira, Summary, PEM, seismometer can testing time_const.png
    Reply  Tue Nov 21 16:00:05 2017, Kira, Update, PEM, seismometer can testing cooling_fit.pngIMG_20171121_164835.jpg
       Reply  Wed Nov 22 12:13:15 2017, Kira, Update, PEM, seismometer can testing cooling_fit_1.png
          Reply  Wed Nov 22 14:47:03 2017, Kira, Update, PEM, seismometer can testing 
             Reply  Tue Nov 28 16:02:32 2017, rana, Update, PEM, seismometer can testing 
Message ID: 13455     Entry time: Tue Nov 28 16:02:32 2017     In reply to: 13447
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: seismometer can testing 

I've ordered 4 of these from McMaster. Should be delivered to the 40m by noon tomorrow.


For the insulation, I have decided to use this one (Buna-N/PVC Foam Insulation Sheets). We will need 3 of the 1 inch plain backing ones (9349K4) to wrap a few layers around it. I'll try two layers for now, since the insulation seems to be doing quite well according to initial testing.

Kira and I also discussed the issiue. It would be good if someone can hunt aroun on the web and get some free samples of non-shedding foam with R~4.

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