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Entry  Thu Nov 16 00:14:47 2017, Udit Khandelwal, Update, SUS, SOS Sapphire Prism design 
    Reply  Thu Nov 16 00:45:39 2017, gautam, Update, SUS, SOS Sapphire Prism design 
Message ID: 13430     Entry time: Thu Nov 16 00:45:39 2017     In reply to: 13429
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: SOS Sapphire Prism design 


  • If I could get pictures of the lower mirror clamp (document D960008), it would be helpful in making solidworks model. Document is unclear. Same for sensor/actuator head assembly. 

If you go through this thread of elogs, there are lots of pictures of the SOS assembly with the optic in it from the vent last year. I think there are many different perspectives, close ups of the standoffs, and of the OSEMs in their holders in that thread.

This elog has a measurement of the pendulum resonance frequencies with ruby standoffs - although the ruby standoff used was cylindrical, and the newer generation will be in the shape of a prism. There is also a link in there to a document that tells you how to calculate the suspension resonance frequencies using analytic equations.

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