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Message ID: 1341     Entry time: Thu Feb 26 19:59:23 2009
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: Daytime locking 
Osamu, Yoichi

We tried locking today from about 2PM.
It took about 1000sec on average to acquire the initial lock.
After the initial lock is achieved, the hand-off/ramp-up steps were reasonably robust, although the AS beam sometimes fluctuates a lot (not good for mental health).

Like last night, the IFO loses lock at around arm-power=8.
We measured the CARM AO path loop gain at arm-power=4. We used the SR785 connected to the A-excitation channel of the common mode board through my TFSR785.py script.

The first attachment is the transfer function measured right after the arm power was ramped up to 4.
The overall bandwidth of the CM servo is only 400Hz. Note that since this is the loop gain of only the AO path, the low frequency gain is eaten by the MCL path.
The second attachment is the same transfer function measured after the AO path gain was increased by 6dB.
It is evident that the AO path is working.
We increased both the AO path and MCL gain by 18dB. The third attachment is the AO path TF in this state.
We then increased the arm power but lost lock at arm-power=6. We should have checked the DARM loop too.
BTW, these plots are automatically generated when you use TFSR785.py for transfer function measurements.

I added -notickle option to c1_watch_dr_bang, since tickling seems to be not necessary during the daytime (actually the initial lock was easier with no tickling).

As the construction work in the next building is now calmed down, I think it is ok to do locking during the day time, though I still plan to come at night.
The improvement of my brain efficiency during the day time may compensate for the longer wait time for initial lock.
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