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Message ID: 1338     Entry time: Thu Feb 26 00:36:53 2009
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Summary 
Category: Computers 
Subject: C1:LSC-TRX_OUT broken (and fixed later). 
Today, Kakeru tried to convert C1:LSC-TRX_OUT and C1:LSC-TRY_OUT to DAQ channels.
He edited C1LSC.ini in the chans/daq directory to add the channel but it did not work.
Then he reverted the file back to the original one.
But after we still could not access these channels from dataviewer nor tds tools.
We restarted daqd and tpman on fb40m, but the problem persisted. Even rebooting the whole fb40m did not help.
After inspecting the log file of daqd, it was clear that tpman was failing to create test points for those channels.
I rebooted c1daqawg and then restarted tpman and daqd on fb40m again.
This time, the problem went away.
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